You Know You're in Broome When a 737 Interrupts your Movie

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Published On:01/19/2019

You Know You're in Broome When a 737 Interrupts your Movie
The Sun Picture Gardens (also known as Sun Pictures) is the world's oldest picture gardens still in operation. After Broome was established, a Chinatown area emerged after the town became home to a large Asian population. The Yamsaki family opened a store on Canarvon Street in 1903, selling Asian clothing, food stuffs and other Asian goods. Their love of theatre eventually led them to devoting part of the building to a Noh theatre. In 1913, the building was purchased by master pearler Ted Hunter, who began converting the store into a cinema.
Today Sun Pictures is on the flight path of the Broome International Airport just 520 metres from the eastern end of the runway. The regular evening flights to Broome often coincide with the first screening of the night at Sun Pictures. Most nights the flights land from the east, so the plane sneaks up on people. The first clue of the approaching 737 is an unusual and subtle light source on the big screen from the plane's head lights. This is usually only noticed by the locals who are used to the experience. Then suddenly a 737 flies overhead so low that the landing gear is down, the roar of the engines is louder than the movie and several hundred movie goers collectively gasp in surprise. The experience only lasts several seconds and is often followed by spontanious laughter and applause from the visitors. Now that's #SoBroome.


This is usually an exciting and unique experience, however sometimes it can be annoying. When the Jane Campion movie "The Piano" featured at Sun Pictures it was a full house. During the opening scenes when the narator was explaining why Holly Hunter's character was mute, the evening Qantas service screamed overhead on the path to a perfect landing. After the noise of the engines abated about 100 people were all asking each other "why can't she talk", then sat through the entire movie without the the critical context.



Sun Pictures operates year round and provides an experience for visitors that is #SoBroome. It 2009 it became to only movie theatre to show a film in which it was featured when if premiered Bran Nu Dae. When you're watching a movie at Sun Pictures you know you're in Broome.
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