Key dates on the Broome social, fesitval and fun calendar for 2020

Broome Mardi Gras February 27 - 29

Broome PrideBROOME PRIDE events are create to promote social inclusion across the entire community which encourages greater unity, cohesion and equality further supporting our vision of "ONE COMMUNITY". Events are not exclusive to LGBT+ events as we wish to promote inclusiveness across the entire community spectrum and promote a safe space for all.

Key Dates
27 February - Drag Bingo
28 February - Caberet
29 February - Dance Party & Kimberley Queen


Cable Beach Polo  May 16 - 17

Cable Beach Polo The pristine sands of Broome's iconic Cable Beach ignite when Australia's only multi-day beach polo tournament is played in May each year.

"A polo handicap is your passport to the world." So said Winston Churchill and it holds true for the Cable Beach Polo tournaments, held annually since 2010.

The tournaments have featured leading polo players from New Zealand, Argentina, Colombia, India and Australia, vying for glory across two days of thrilling beach polo action that culminate in an international clash.

A polo arena bordering the sparkling azure waters of the Indian ocean, bikini-clad spectators and Broome's spectacular setting sun signal the end of each day's play.

This extraordinary sporting spectacle is free to watch picnic-style from the sand, but there is also an option to purchase tickets to the Cable Beach Polo VIP Marquee or the Polo Beach Bar and mingle in barefoot elegance with the players and new friends from around the globe.

Broome Race Round  Postponed to 2021

The Broome Turf Club is carved out of bush land at picturesque Gantheaume Point, just a stones throw from world famous Cable Beach. This idyllic location perched on the Broome peninsula is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and benefits from the constant cool breezes which are a welcome relief in the hot and humid climate of the Kimberley.

Competitive thoroughbred horse racing and an eclectic mix of entertainment ensures a fun and exciting day enjoyed by all. The never fail perfect "dry season" Broome weather adds to the ambience of this unique location.


Corrugated Lines (Posponed)

Corrugated Lines

The festival is a collaborative effort between Backroom Press Inc, Broome Public Library, Magabala Books and other community organisations.

Shinju Matsuri  August 29 to September 6

Shinju Matsuri Sunset Long TableThe annual Shinju Matsuri (Japanese for "Festival of the Pearl") originated from three cultural festivals – Japanese Obon Matsuri, Malaysian Hari Merdeka, Independence Day from British rule in 1957, and the Chinese Hang Seng. Shinju Matsuri rekindles the excitement and romance of Broome's early days of being a world-renowned producer of South Sea Pearls when the Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Koepangers, Filipino and Europeans flocked to Broome from the late 1800's to be a part of this prosperity. This unique multicultural population of pearl industry workers joined with the local Aboriginal people and Europeans to work on up to 400 Pearling Luggers that sailed out of Broome.

Broome's people and businesses have given generously to show their love of Broome over the 48 year life of the Festival and is a testament to the character and culture of this special place. The volunteer Board of Shinju Matsuri is driven by the community and sees the festival as an opportunity to re-educate and inform the community of the cultural heritage of Broome.  Ensuring that education and information is passed on to young people and new arrivals will assure that Broome's unique and diverse identity is acknowledged and remembered through the generations.

Shinju Matsuri will tempt your senses with an exciting whirlwind of colour, sound, taste and smell as the community shares this beautiful locale with the world and the people who call it home.

August 28 - 6 September

Key dates

Opening Ceremony - 28 August

Floating Lanterns - 4 September 

Sunset Longtable - 5 September

Closing Ceremony - 6 September

Shinju Matsuri Travel Packages

StairCase to the Moon

Staircase to the MoonBroome's greatest natural phenomenon takes place along the Roebuck Bay foreshore. Its an amazing visual reminder of the force of the moon's gravitational effects on the giant Kimberley tides. Join thousands of people who gather to watch the full moon rise up over the mudflats of Roebuck Bay, leaving a giant golden staircase in it rising path.

March 2020

Thursday 10th    6.53 pm

Friday 11th         7.38 pm

Saturday 12th    8.23 pm

April 2020

Wednesday 8th   6.11 pm

Thursday 9th       6.57 pm

Friday 10th        7.46 pm

May 2020

Friday 8th         6.21 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets)

Saturday 9th    7.14 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets)

Sunday 10th      8.10 pm

June 2020

Saturday 6th    5.54 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets)

Sunday 7th       6.51 pm   (Town Beach Night Markets)

Monday 8th        7.49 pm

July 2020

Monday 6th    6.33 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets)

Tuesday 7th    7.30 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets)

Wednesday 8th  8.24 pm

August 2020

Tuesday 4th        6.14 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets)

Wednesday 5th   7.07 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets)

Thursday 6th       7.58 pm

September 2020 

Thursday 3rd      6.40 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets & Shinju Matsuri)  

Friday 4th      7.28 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets & Shinjuy Matsuri)

Saturday 5th     8.16 pm

October 2020

Friday 2nd      6.12 pm  (Town Beach Night Markets)

Saturday 3rd    6.59 pm

Sunday 4th    7.47 pm

November 2020

Sunday 1st      6.33 pm

Monday 2nd    7.23 pm

Tuesday 3rd    8.15 pm

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