Eleven reasons why you should not come to Broome during the wet.

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Published On:10/24/2019

Eleven reasons why you should not come to Broome during the wet.

Most of the Australian population live way below the 26th parallel and observe the four traditional seasons of summer, autumn, winter and spring. However, a minority of Australians living in the north of the country have managed to classify the weather into two simple seasons. The dry season and the wet season, colloquially known as the dry and wet. People who live in the north don't like to over complicate things.


Countless marketing spin doctor guru types have tried to create alternative terms to entice you into coming to Broome without you realizing you'll be coming in the wet. Beware of terms like "The Green Season" "Tropical Summer" "Northern Summer" "Shoulder Season" These are all terms created to trick you into coming to Broome in "The Wet"


Don't fall for it! Here are 11 reasons why you should definitely NOT come to Broome in the wet!


1: You'll push the prices up!


The campaign to entice people to Broome during the wet hasn't been too successful so it’s still the cheapest time to be here. However, if you come your friends will see you enjoying yourself in Broome and before you know it, they'll be here. Then their friends will want to come and suddenly demand will drive the prices up and it won't be as cheap to stay in Broome in the wet. So please don't come during the wet!


2: You might see a marine turtle.


Don't be fooled Marine Turtles are pesky things and can ruin a peaceful walk on Cable Beach. These enormous threatened species nest on the beaches during the wet. They lumber up from the water to above the high-water mark to lay their eggs in the sand then return to the water. About two months later and still in the wet season you may chance upon hatchlings making their way to the ocean. If you have an encounter you may have to deviate by a metre or two on your walk to avoid turtles nesting or hatchlings making their way to the ocean. This wet season there have been 100 recorded nests on Cable Beach. If you don't want your walk on Cable Beach ruined by a chance encounter with a threatened species, then don't come to Broome during the wet!


3 We have free light shows in the night sky.


In most capital cities they have expensive fireworks displays for Australia Day. In Broome we have the most amazing light shows at night. These occur regularly and are the most awesome display of light dancing across the night sky courtesy of tropical electrical storms. Once you have experienced one you will be so disappointed with regular fireworks. If you want to continue to beleive that fireworks are the greatest light show in the night sky, then you definitely do not want to come to Broome during the wet!


4: The mangos are ripe and the Blue Bone is starting to bite.


Damn those Pigram Brothers that info in the line made famous by the song "I feel Like Going Back Home" is meant to be a secret. But now you know, the Mangos are ripe in the wet season and they're everywhere. You can enjoy fresh Mango smoothies, cocktails, deserts or even just fresh plain old Mangos. We even have a Mango festival, but we're sure you'd rather enjoy your mango during the dry season, out of the deep freeze. Its best you leave the locals to enjoy the mangos while they're fresh and stay away from Broome during the wet.


5: The Barra are going off.


Once the water temperature goes up a few degrees the Barramundi start heading into the creeks to breed and are at their most active. Northern Australia's most exotic and elusive fish are plentiful in Dampier Creek during the wet, but if they are easy to catch then what's the point, right? We don't want to deprive you of the thrill of the hunt, that feeling you have when you go out fishing not expecting to catch anything but hoping on the off chance that you do. If that's your type of fishing then do not come to Broome during the wet.


6: The locals have more time to talk.


Broomies are a mixed bag of interesting and unique characters who come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe to share in this extraordinary community. During the dry season they are all very busy with the increase in visitation to town that time of year. During the wet the locals come out and have plenty of time to chat, share stories about Broome and have a laugh. If you come in the wet and then your friends come, and their friends come the locals won't have any time for chatting, and you don't want to be responsible for that, so best you don't come during the wet.


7: Its gubinge season.


Gubinge is a local Indigenous super food, also known as Kakadu Plum in the Northern Territory. It has the world's richest source of naturally occurring Vitamin C. This little fruit is in abundance during the wet season in Broome. We've even named a road after it, Gubinge Road which passes by hundreds of Gubinge trees in Minyirr Park. The fruit is easily accessible, and you can grab a handful as you pass by one of Broome's biggest Gubinge trees on the walk past the surf club to Cable Beach. But you don't need vitamin C right, it’s still summer in the south, so you don't need to come to Broome during the wet.


8: The picture theatre has no roof on it.


Sun Pictures is the oldest operating picture garden theatre in the world and is perfectly designed for the balmy wet season nights. You can watch the latest stars from Hollywood while sitting under a billion stars of the milky way. Or if you prefer you can sit under the sheltered half of the theatre if on  occasion it actually rains in the wet season. Be warned this experience is not for everyone as Sun Pictures is on the flight path to the Broome airport and guests are regularly treated to the excitement of a Boeing descending overhead. So if you like your movies in an enclosed airconditioned theatre with a roof, that's just like almost every other theatre in the world, then you definitely don't want to come to Broome during the wet.


9: The crocodiles at the wilderness park are active.


The Malcolm Douglass Wilderness Park in Broome is an absolute favourite with visitors to Broome. Interestingly when most visitors are in Broome, in the dry, the crocodiles are hibernating so they don't put on that much of a show. During the wet however they are at their most active so the feeding session at the park is a whole different experience. We are concerned about your blood pressure and aren't sure how much excitement you can take, so its probably best you just don't come to Broome during the wet.


10: There are less people to share the sunset.


Let's face it, getting that perfect Instagram shot is pretty important, if its Instafame you're after then don't come to Broome in the wet. Come in the dry when there are literally hundreds of people at the railing up on Cable Beach reserve, all trying to take that potentially viral insta shot of the sun setting into the Indian ocean. What they don't realize is the sunsets are far more dramatic during the wet and often encompass the entire sky. So, if you like competing to get that ideal spot then do not come to Broome during the wet.


11: You might find out there is actually more than just two seasons.


Yes thats right not only are there more than just two seasons, but there are even more than four seasons. The traditional owners of Broome, the Yawuru people, identify six separate seasons in the annual weather cycle of Broome and the wet season spans three of them.

So if you don't want to find yourself in Broome during Wirlburu, Laja or Man-gala then you definitely should not come to Broome during the wet season.

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