The Wharf Restaurant Takes Broome on Korean Journey

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Published On:03/27/2017

The Wharf Restaurant Takes Broome on Korean Journey

The options for cuisine in Broome have reached a new high with the latest addition of a weekly Korean brunch. The Wharf Restaurant, famous for its fresh seafood and daily half priced oysters have recently employed traditional Korean trained Chef Truong Phuong to deliver the Korean Brunch each Friday Saturday and Sunday until 9am to noon. Chef Truong spends every Thursday prepping for the weekend brunches.  

We tried the Brunch on Sunday morning. The restaurant was quite busy with many tables of locals there to try something new in Broome. We considered the menu while enjoying the complimentary and refreshing green tea. With a choice of six strong and inviting dishes, we were in for some difficult decision making. However it's hard to go past a good congee on a Sunday morning, so we started our brunch by sharing a Chicken Congee with Banchan. Banchan is a small collection of complements served as side dishes. There was a small dish of dried fish which provided great texture to the congee. There was also squid and Kimchi included in the Banchan. Unlike Josh and Amy from this season of My Kitchen Rules, who famously refused the offer from The Wharf Restaurant to take their secret beer batter recipe, we felt that we made the correct decision by ordering the congee.  

All the locals we spoke to were impressed with the menu and gave us competing recommendations to follow on from the congee. In the end we decided we would go with the best sounding name. So Bimbimbap it was. Famous Korean rice bowl with steamed rice topped with mixed julien Korean style vegetables, mince meat and fried egg. Served with Chef's special seaweed soup and a selection of banchan including kimchi. This dish was generous in its serving and ample for us both to share.  Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine. It's a traditional banchan made from salted and fermented vegetables, most commonly napa cabbages and Korean radishes. Kimchi is touted by many as "officially cool" and the next big health trend.  
Among the other menu items, was Haemul Pajeon (Korean seafood pancake) and Pork Kalbijim (Pork short ribs in a special sauce). All of the locals left The Wharf with glowing critiques of their brunches. We enjoyed our Korean brunch and will return to experience the rest of the menu. The Wharf is offering the weekly brunch all through the 2017 season. 


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