'Premiere' 2021 Mud and Saltwater Short Film Fest

Posted By:Kandy

Published On:06/03/2021

'Premiere' 2021 Mud and Saltwater Short Film Fest
The opening night has a real buzz, with filmmakers showing their short film and feature entries about Roebuck Bay, Broome and Kimberley WA on the big screen for the first time. The Mud and Saltwater Short Film Fest is a unique opportunity to see short films about iconic Roebuck Bay, Broome and Kimberley WA through the eyes of the people who live
in this exceptional part of the world. Tickets selling fast...

Sun Pictures • Friday • June 4 • 2021 
6:15pm to 9:00pm • doors open 5:00pm
Tickets • $15 adults • $5 children 4 to15 years 
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