Don Bacon from Amazing Kimberley

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Published On:03/10/2017

Don Bacon from Amazing Kimberley

Don Bacon has lived in Broome for 23 years. He has a passion for the unique and pristine environment of the Kimberley. One of his great enjoyments to share of this amazing region with visitors on his Amazing Kimberley tour.  #TasteBroome bumped into Don on a Friday morning at one of Broome's hippest coffee shops, the Good Cartel. 

How long have you lived in Broome? I arrived in Broome about 23 years ago. 
Where is the best coffee in Broome? We'll I'm sitting here at The Good Cartel for a reason. The best coffee is here.   
Whats your must see for Broome? The beautiful coastline up at James Price Point. You can get there on an Amazing Kimberley Tour.  
Favourite musician? Missy Higgans, even though she's not a permanent Broome muso and there are so many great Broome musicians like the Pigram Brothers, Tanya Ransom, Wil Thomas. But Missy Higgins is my favourite.  
Favourite season and why? The wet season because I love the storms and the slower pace of life that time of year.  
Favourite festival? The Festival of the Pearl, Shinju Matsuri. 
Favourite sunset location? Cable Beach 
Favourite fishing spot off the beach? Just off Gauntheaume Point. 
Favourite fish to eat? Barra....actually no its got to be threadfin salmon. 
Best way to eat pearl meat?  Marinated with chili, coriander and ginger. 
How do you like your mud crab? I'm not a fan of mud crab.  
How do you eat a mango? Every way I can, Smoothies, daiquiris, fresh mangoes with ice cream and liqueur on top. 
Favourite camping spot? Manari, just up past James Price Point. 
Favourite restaurant? The Bali Hai 
Favourite Chinese Restaurant? Tongs on Napier Terrace. Famous for its food and its appearance in Bran Nu Dae. 
Whose your visual favourite artist? Sobrane 
Favourite beach? James Price Point. 
Favourite food at the markets? Sate sticks  
What Broome footy team do you follow? The Bulls 
Favourite Matso's beer? Mango Beer   
Broome Races - upstairs or downstairs? Upstairs 
Favourite place to walk? Any where on the the beach in Broome. 
Favourite local wildlife? Humpback whales as they migrate up the coast.  
Favourite place to sit at Sun Pictures?  Like in the old days - sitting on the grass with a blanket and a bottle of wine.  
Which radio station do you listen to? I switch between Kimberley ABC and 102.9FM.

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