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Greg Johnston (Broome Local)

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December is a great time to holiday in Broome.  While its a little hotter than in the middle of the year there are some unexpected surprises Firstly you get the place to yourself not quite but pretty much There are not a lot of people visiting in December so its a much more peaceful and relaxing experience. If you are staying in the Cable Beach precinct start your days with an early morning beach walk. You may get a surprise and discover Broome has turtles nesting on Cable Beach this time of year. Walk north along the beach from bottom of the vehicle ramp. The beach is deserted at 6am in December and the only people you are likely to encounter are the fitness freaks out for the morning run and the turtle monitors. Yes there are a group of dedicated volunteers who monitor 6kms of Cable Beach every morning during the nesting season.  You may see any turtles or their tracks from the ocean up to the sand dune where they nest. The tracks are so big at first glance you may think a tractor must have driven out of the ocean. We would highly recommend anyone holidaying in Broome to start their day with a walk on Cable Beach. An encounter with an endanger Flat Back turtle awaits

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The turtle nesting season is from October to February. The first half of the season sees turtles coming ashore to nest and the second half sees the hatchlings emerge from the nests to make the perilous journey to the sea. For those who like to drive on the beach, please not the Cable Beach north access ramp is closed to vehicles between 8pm and 6am each day during the turtle nesting season from 1 October 2019 to 29 February 2020, and for two hours either side of high tides of 9m or more. This is to limit the impact on the turtles by cars.

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