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Nestled along Sanctuary Road, Cable Beach, Spinifex Brewery is quickly becoming a local icon. But it's not just the brewery's unique craft beers that are drawing crowds; it's the delightful and unexpected merging of two iconic Broome experiences – Spinifex Brewery and Red Sun Camels.
As the sun begins to dip towards the horizon, a charming procession of Red Sun Camels embarks on its journey to Cable Beach for the famed sunset camel rides. This spectacle, however, takes an enchanting detour as the camels amble past Spinifex Brewery, tracing the front fence line in a majestic display. It’s here that a new Broome tradition is born.
Spinifex Brewery and Red Sun Camels have collaborated to create a truly unique experience, blending the joy of animal encounters with the laid-back atmosphere of a local brewery. Families visiting Spinifex are in for a delightful surprise as they are invited to partake in feeding the camels. Children, beaming with excitement, are given carrots to feed these gentle giants, creating a moment of pure joy and connection.
This experience has quickly become a beloved pastime for both locals and tourists, offering a chance to interact with these magnificent creatures in a setting that encapsulates the essence of Broome. It's not just about feeding the camels; it's about creating memories, sharing smiles, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
Spinifex Brewery, with its commitment to crafting fine beers and fostering community spirit, provides the perfect backdrop for this unique interaction. The brewery's inviting ambiance and family-friendly environment make it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the spectacle.
This novel experience symbolizes the spirit of Broome – a fusion of nature, community, and the simple joys of life. Whether you're a local or a visitor, a trip to Spinifex Brewery for camel feeding is a must-do. It’s an opportunity to witness the harmonious blend of Broome's natural beauty and its warm, welcoming community. So, grab a carrot, share a smile, and savor this unique Broome experience that goes beyond just a sunset ride.

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