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Greg Johnston (Broome Local)

We were lucky enough to be in Broome while there was a Staircase to the Moon. This is an amazing phenomena caused by the full moon rising up over Roebuck Bay at low tide. Its an incredible sight and the whole town celebrates it with a Night Markets of food, craft, music and culture. While you can see the Staircase to the Moon from anywhere along the foreshore of Roebuck Bay, Town Beach with the Night Markets is by far the best location. The shire has just invested quite a bit of money to give the precinct a bit of a facelift and have increased the viewing capacity for the Staircase. The phenomena only occurs a few times each month between April and October. Its something you want to plan to get her for.

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The Staircase to the Moon is one of Broome's iconic experiences. As it only occurs 3 nights in a month for 8 months a year, make sure you check the dates before booking your trip if you want to experience it. Check dates here.

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