Turtle Nesting Experience

Tour Cost: $95

Available from Nov to Dec


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These tours are conducted at night time only and tour days can vary depending on nesting possibilities.
Tour start times vary depending on predicted nesting possibilities and the tour duration can be anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. Tour duration can also vary depending on the group's needs or will to find a nesting turtle.
What to Expect 
Discussions about Yawuru culture, country and history. Learn about Bugarrigarra (Dreamtime) and hear some dreamtime stories along the way.
The beach walk distance could be anything between 500 meters to 2 kilometers. This will depend on how soon we find a nesting turtle (if we find one at all, this can never be promised) and how the tour group feels.
While the walk is paced to suit the group and we will not be walking fast, the beach sand can be very soft and challenging to walk through for some people.
This tour does not suit guests with a poor fitness level.
What to Bring
Your own drinking water and a means to carry it (backpack, water bottle with a sling, etc.) and wear enclosed footwear and clothing that is suitable for night beach walking.
Don't forget a camera and a sense of adventure!
Unfortunately camera flashs and white lights are not allowed during the presence of any turtles

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