Broome Staircase to the Moon Tour

Tour Cost: $30

Available from Mar to Oct

Location: Roebuck Bay

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Staircase to the moon transfers The staircase to the moon is a natural phenomenon caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting off the exposed mudflats in roebuck bay at extremely low tide, to create a beautiful optical illusion of a stairway reaching to the moon. This spectacular sight occurs from March through to November. Broome and around run staircase to the moon transfers to and from your accommodation lobby! We take you to your choice of two locations to experience this phenomenon. The Mangrove hotel for sensational live music and a beautiful venue or Broome town beach markets and enjoy the brand new stunning staircase to the moon amphitheatre. Itinerary The mangrove hotel including live music & digeridoo or Broome town beach markets and nature lookout (depending on night market dates) Spots are strictly limited and guests should book in advance to conveniently enjoy this unique phenomenon to make your travel to and from effortless.

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