Broome Hovercraft Sunset Tour

Tour Cost: $196

Available from Feb to Oct

Location: Roebuck Bay

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Broome Hovercraft

Sun gives us our spirit, and the Moon, our soul. As they align with planet Earth, Broome’s dramatic tidal phenomenon provides the most tranquil and romantic backdrop to unwind, relax and explore. It is in the Spring tide week that this planetary interaction is most visible, exposing the tidal flats and all the inhabitants within them twice a day. There are many beaches providing access to the tidal flats of the bay, but really there is only one way to venture right out onto the tidal flats, and that is by hovercraft. Broome Hovercraft will transport you across the tidal floor to see dinosaur footprints in old petrified forrest on the other side of Roebuck bay. Gliding along the tidal edge take in the view as Pelicans, Egrets, Osprey and Sea Eagle pass by, whilst marvelling at the dramatic red rich Pindan cliff backdrop as you land on a secluded patch of pristine coastline. As the tide continues to fall you then head off into the Bay, settle down on the sandy sea floor and let your pilots look after you with sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres as the sun finally sets silhouetting the Broome Peninsula whilst glistening off ripples in the tidal floor.

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