Hiker and Nadia

Hiker is an Australian with a Germanic ancestry (she likes to think that she will bring structure to the evening!!!) She has a great love for the uniqueness that is Australia, her creative expression is reflected in her passion for cooking and her other creative artistic outlets. Currently Hiker is an emerging encaustic artist and has recently displayed her vibrant work in several exhibitions, she loves talking all things creative!!!

Nadia is an Italian that fell in love with Australia when she came as a traveler 18 years ago. She has lived in Broome for now 17 years, built her own environmentally friendly home. She loves the Kimberley and has acquired much knowledge of its scenario. She loves camping, bush walking, fishing and anything to do with environment and wilderness. She is a woman with a big love and laugh in life and happy to share her adventure's stories around a table full of yummy food and a nice glass of wine.

These 2 women have combined forces to offer you a Kimberley experience which will include a stroll with Nadia through the unique monsoonal vine thicket at dusk culminating in prosecco and nibbles while watching the famous Broome sunset, after which everyone goes back to Nadia's lovely home for Hiker's very creative curry dinner!

Nadia and Hiker love to chat and “wax lyrical” about their love for Broome and its surrounds.

They both like socialising and meeting new people, so come and have a cosy, unique, friendly Broome experience with 2 funny, lovely and crazy women.
Come along, this could well be the event for you!!!!

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