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You Know You're in Broome When You See Space Gandalf at the Markets.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

With his long whispery white beard that always points to the Southern Cross, Space Gandalf is one of the great characters of Broome. Also known as The Starman, Greg Quicke is something of a legend in Broome. He arrived here way before his beard started to grow and judging by its length, that was a long time ago. Greg is one of those rare people who can turn his hand at almost anything and figure things out. In his early days in Broome Greg had a stint as a pearl diver. While diving he had his first encounter with the effects of the moon on the tides. His astronomical journey commenced deep blow the sea.

Greg is not your typical astronomer; he has a great love for motorcycles, fittingly he rides a Triumph Rocket and has a vintage Harley Davidson parked in his lounge room. He is a self-taught mechanic who has cherished the challenge of keeping the old Harley (and most other motorcycles) going.
This ability extended his next career as a mechanic working on bikes, cars and trucks. This work saw Greg regularly out of Broome and into the wilder parts of the Kimberley. On these work trips he regularly slept under the stars on a swag, where his relationship with the heavens above began.

Greg talks of how he figured things out, like how he figured out how to fix his old Harley, only this time he started tuning in to the movements of the earth travelling through space. The internal workings of a Harley V-Twin started to look comparatively easy.

Greg took what he learned from years of outback stargazing and started Astro Tours in July of 1995 as a way of sharing his fascination and knowledge of the universe. Greg is somewhat of an oracle in Broome, answering the big questions of life. He doesn’t answer the big question of “why are we here?” but he does answer the bigger question of “where are we here?” Helping you understand exactly where the earth is and where it is going within the movements of the universe.

Recently Greg appeared as a presenter in the BBC’s, then the ABC’s Star Gazing Live. It was during this series that he was given the name #SpaceGandalf by co-presenter Professor Brain Cox. It was his long flowing white beard and expert use of laser pointers, that gave the appearance of lightsabres.
Greg’s star rose at an astronomical rate. His twitter followers went from the tens to the thousands in a matter of days.

Space Gandalf can be found at the Broome Courthouse Markets most Saturday mornings, where he has a couple of telescopes on display and is ready to have a chat and discuss the big questions of life, the universe and everything.
You can also get him to sign a copy of his book Earth Turning Consciousness: An Exercise in Planetary Awareness.
His Astro Tours star gazing site is just out of town to avoid light pollution, where the Kimberley stars are at their brightest. There is comfortable raked seating with swivel chairs that help you follow Space Gandalf’s laser pointers as he takes you through an astronomical journey through the milky way and into the universe. To infinity and beyond!

The 2019 Astro Tours star gazing season commences on Wednesday 1 May and continues through to the end of October. Bookings can be made through the SoBroome tours directory.  

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