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You Know You're in Broome When the Locals go Camping for Easter

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Its Easter in Broome and town is bustling. It’s the weekend Broomies have been waiting for as the unofficial start to the busy season for the town. It’s the weekend the markets begin operating on Sunday mornings as well Saturday mornings. It’s the weekend that sees a return to the markets of those market stall holders who go into hibernation over the wet season, creating a busy market vibe for locals and visitors to enjoy.

The markets are the best place to experience the colour, movement, sounds and flavours of Broome. The local Broome fusion food and great locally roasted coffee. You can find painted silks, dried mango and mango chutneys,
vinegars, jams, handcrafts, entertainment, fresh produce, juice, jewellery, clothing, art, craft, tour info, massage and more.

It’s also the weekend most Broomies head out of town for a long break before the season kicks in. The Dampier Peninsula, Barn Hill, Eco Beach and the Fitzroy River are the favoured getaway spots for Broomies Easter retreats. Social media has been the platform used it share information about road conditions with the Cape Leveque Road looking like a river of mud in some patches from late season rain. It deters few though as vehicles towing boats and camper trailers head up to Kooljaman at Cape Leveque, Cygnet Bay and the many other locations along the way.

Just like an episode of Loonie Tunes Sam Sheep and Ralph Wolf, where the two punch the time clock to swap shifts, Broomies clock off and head out, while the visitors’ clock on and head in. As we are just up the road from the Pilbara, there is often a geographical move to the north over the Easter weekend. A bit like the effect of a spring Easter tide, people from the Pilbara float into town pushing Broomies further north up the Peninsula. The sudden increase in mining vehicles with their long antennas with small red flags on top giving away their origins.

Those Broomies who remain for the weekend play spot the local whenever they go out. After many months of sharing restaurants, bars and the beach with fellow Broomies, Easter is a challenge to spot a local among the visitors. Broome’s laid-back vibe is infectious ensuring the annual ebb and flow of visitors and locals. Other indicators are the increased social media posts of people riding camels on Cable Beach. While Broome offers so many things for people to experience, camel rides on Cable Beach continue to capture people’s imagination and have become the iconic tour of Broome.

As Easter is determined by the full moon it also brings with it the first major Staircase to the Moon of the year. Thousands of people will gather along the Roebuck Bay foreshore to watch this natural phenomenon. The moon slowly rises across Roebuck Bay at a very low tide through a golden reflection across wet shimmering tidal flats of the bay.

Easter falls within the Yawuru’s “changing” season of Marrul. It’s a season of little wind or rain with a drop in the humidity. As the water temperature starts to drop the threadfin salmon become more active and prolific. No matter where the Broomies are this weekend, fishing will be a shared activity and social media will light up with brag posts of fish and mud crabs.

This Easter has fallen within school holidays ensuring more people have escaped to or from Broome depending where they are on that human tide. With fresher mornings and little humidity Broome will be turning on a perfect Easter for anyone in town to enjoy it.

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Broome Police Legacy Ball

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