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Sunset, Pasta and Vino

Friday, March 16, 2018

Its a Thursday evening, mid March. Broome is unusually bustling with people for this time of year. On a whim we decide to head down to the Cable Beach Club's Sunset Bar & Grill. We invite friends and the four of us enjoy cold champagne and bucket of prawns on ice with aioli sauce. We sit in the warm glow of the sun slipping below the horizon into the Indian Ocean.  The Sunset Bar has a lively mixture of visitors and locals, families and couples. The camel trains heading home from their sunset camel rides along Cable Beach cause the inevitable excitement from children and some adults with no previous camel experience. 

We share good champagne and stories until 7.30pm when we decide its pointless to go home to cook. We make our way around the corner, Thursdays are Pasta e Vino night at The Zookeepers Store. The place is packed, there is a vibrant hum of people enjoying themselves, it looks like a busy night. We need to wait if we want a table so leave our mobile number then head to the bar next door to wait with a cold beer. In stark contrast there is not much happening in the bar next door. Just as we finish our drinks the phone rings. They have a table for us.

There are always three pastas to choose from seafood, vegetarian and meat. Each comes with a complimentary glass of wine. We order the seafood linguini, a mushroon gnocchi and a chicken lasagne. The serves are very generous and the complimentary wine is from Bunkers. The ingredients are fresh and the pasta has a silky smooth quality. We finish with dessert and share a creme brulee with black velvet nectarine and maccaron and a tokyo yuzo tart with black sesame icecream and shiro.  The staff are young, energetic and their attentiveness rounds out a great night. 

Pasta e Vino nights at the Zookeepers Store are quickly becoming a Broome institution. Its a popular evening and you can only book for six or more. Smaller groups are seated in order of arrival. If its bustling and there are no free tables, leave your number and enjoy a cold beer next door while you wait. 

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Belle Miners - Parachute Tour

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