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Friday, June 28, 2019

It’s often said there is nothing new in this world. Everything is just derivative of something else. #SoBroome evolved from a platform originally named #TasteBroome. Taste Broome was an idea that occurred while The Hashtag and The Concierge were having lunch in a Tasmanian winery just out of Hobart several years ago. “Check out that bus” The Concierge was talking about a large tour bus with Taste Tasmania emblazoned down the side. They were aware that Tourism Australia was focusing on promoting Australian cuisine. So while enjoying some fresh oysters and downing a glass of pinot gris, The Hashtag took out his phone and secured the domain name tastebroome.com.au. The vision was to develop a website focused on Broome’s unique produce and dining experiences sometime in the future with the possibility of developing cuisine experience tours.

Who hasn’t had a change of plans? Later that year they developed a website and social media accounts based on destination marketing for Broome. There was a spare domain name in their procession and www.tastebroome.com.au was born. The site was dynamic with aggregation of visitors social media posts, giving an overview of what people were experiencing in Broome. Other functions were added and some dropped from the site. After some time and evolution the name Taste Broome no longer accurately reflected the site or suited the purpose.

Two years into the life of Taste Broome The Hashtag and The Concierge were holidaying in Laos, in South East Asia. Their tour guide kept referring to things as being so Laos. If people were laid back, they were so Laos. If they were late, they were so Laos, if they were happy, they were so Laos. While being so Laos was a compliment in Laos, it was used as an insult in the neighbouring countries. The guide stated that in Vietnam if people don’t work hard enough, they are called “So Laos”. If children don’t do their homework, they’re “so Laos”.

Taking ideas that make sense, just makes sense and so #SoBroome was born. So Broome better reflected the evolved purpose of the platform and social media accounts. During December of 2018 the platform was given a complete rebranding overhaul. The site still aggregates visitor’s social media posts, giving an overview of those activities that are #SoBroome. Getting a selfie with a camel on Cable Beach, getting up close and personal to a humpback, relaxing in the rockpools at Gantheaume Point, exploring 13 million year old dinosaur foot prints, having a sunset picnic on Cable Beach – all these experiences are #SoBroome.

What they didn’t know though, was someone had developed #SoPerth. This makes #SoBroome, so much better. For instance in July a daily weather outlook of 15 degrees and raining is So Perth, while 30 and sunny is So Broome. Missing the train is So Perth, riding a camel train on Cable Beach is So Broome. Getting stuck in traffic is So Perth, having no traffic lights is So Broome. You get the picture right?

The site now also has a great and easy to book tour directory, featuring the best and most popular tours in Broome. To name a few, star gazing with Space Gandalf from Astro Tours is #SoBroome. Going on a Narlijia Cultural Tour with Bart Pigram, is #SoBroome.

Who are The Hashtag and The Concierge? They are the creatives behind the platform. A couple of Broome locals who travel regularly and love to try new ideas for Broome. So what’s next for #SoBroome? Keep an eye out for #SoBroome’s Salty Plum #SoCial Walking Tours.

Need more info?
Email hashtag@sobroome.com.au or concierge@sobroome.com.au

Have you had your own #SoBroome moments? Share using the comments below.

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